And now back to our regularly scheduled program

A new day comes with each dawn

Cleaning the slate

Of this human experience

Our choices and decisions make the difference

between love and hate

happiness and sadness

and life and death

What do you want from this life?




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A Dai in my Life

Sharing your words
perfectly placed and hypnotically charged
verbal brain food
swirling together sharp images
connecting to form your Thoughts
Sharing your Thoughts
together on a cosmic adventure
painting vivid murals
overlapping the shared boundary
that’s connected by our Dreams
Sharing your Dreams
more than words telling this story
keeps me hanging
watching every small movement
each breathe leaving your Body
Sharing your Body
the reaction effects all senses
stirring chemical impulses
decoding a secret equation
encrypted within our Souls
Sharing our Souls
walking euphoric with each other
bound throughout time
pulled together magnetically drawn.
united again in this Life

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The Great Picture Show

If you dig under my feet
You will find things that you don’t want to see
Things that I hide deep down inside
A menagerie of the tragedy I caused and all of my flaws
And my demons are all that can see
Then what would you do if you only knew?

All of the things that I’ve done
Terrible things you would never believe
Things that I’ve done
Oh, how you’ll run
If you knew a single one
All of the things that I’ve done

Would my face give me away
I know it won’t
‘Cause I don’t even feel
I just reflect what you expect
So you don’t suspect that
I could be exactly who I am

I know that I’m afflicted
But who could have predicted
That monster that I’ve become
I keep things carefully covered
So no one will discover
That I could be the culprit
I’m sorry I can’t help it

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Be very quiet…

The heat of the Night Sticks to me
air conditioner struggling to please
to ease
the torture of the summer
Bugs scream outside
is it agony or is it my own
that warps the sound
from its usual low hum of life
underlining the night
natures own motor
powered by
fireflies lightning
cicadas rumbling
crickets jumping
I listen closly
the message is clear.

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Taxi Driving or New York though the eyes of the Dreamer

When I go away from you
The world beats dead
Like a slackened drum.
I call out for you against the jutted stars
And shout into the ridges of the wind.
Streets coming fast,
One after the other,
Wedge you away from me,
And the lamps of the city prick my eyes
So that I can no longer see your face.
Why should I leave you,
To wound myself upon the sharp edges of the night?

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I just love to use the word ostensible

Like all great novels, Watership Down has both an ostensible subject and an real one. Ostensibly, the book is about a group of surprisingly rational rabbits. Man, however, is the rational animal, and Watership Down is a transplanted tale of the human spirit–a story of courage, resourcefulness, survival, and heroism.
Below is a section of the novel that I loved.
It is an untitled poem by Silverweed, a rabbit who lives in a very peculiar sort of warren. The rabbits there are all well-fed and comfortable; they have little to worry about in the way of predators, and food seems to miraculously appear wherever they look for it. Every so often, though, a rabbit vanishes without a trace… The warren has tacitly agreed never to discuss such matters. Silverweed was the poet of the Rabbits. He tests the boundaries of this silence in his poetry, which is what’s made him popular in the Warren. “Frith” is the sun, a God to the rabbits.
The wind is blowing, blowing over the grass.
It shakes the willow catkins; the leaves shine silver.
Where are you going, wind? Far, far away
Over the hills, over the edge of the world.
Take me with you, wind, high over the sky.
I will go with you, I will be rabbit-of-the-wind,
Into the sky, the feathery sky and the rabbit.
The stream is running, running over the gravel,
Through the brooklime, the kingcups, the blue and gold of spring.
Where are you going, stream? Far, far away
Beyond the heather, sliding away all night.
Take me with you, stream, away in the starlight.
I will go with you, I will be rabbit-of-the-stream,
Down through the water, the green water and the rabbit.
In autumn the leaves come blowing, yellow and brown.
They rustle in the ditches, they tug and hang on the hedge.
Where are you going, leaves? Far, far away
Into the earth we go, with the rain and the berries.
Take me, leaves, O take me on your dark journey.
I will go with you, I will be rabbit-of-the-leaves,
In the deep places of the earth, the earth and the rabbit.
Frith lies in the evening sky. The clouds are red about him.
I am here, Lord Frith, I am running through the long grass.
O take me with you, dropping behind the woods,
Far away, to the heart of light, the silence.
For I am ready to give you my breath, my life,
The shining circle of the sun, the sun and the rabbit.
Main Entry: os·ten·si·bly
Pronunciation: -blE
Function: adverb
Date: 1765
1 : in an ostensible manner
2 : to all outward appearances
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Oh no, here comes that sun again
that means another day with out you my friend
and it hurts me to have to look in to the mirror at my self
and it hurts me even more to have to be with some body else
It’s so hard to do
and so easy to say
but some times you have to walk away
they say that time will make this all go away
but it is time that has taken our tommorows,
and turned them in to yesterdays
And once again that rising sun is dropping on down
And once again , you my friend are no where to be found

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On a filthy planet it lays in wait to consume the life of those with faith

breeching only for the moon

it bares fangs and dead yellow eyes

this monster in my mind

unknowingly it preys on you

swallowing your hope

inside the darkness you dwell

till my beast within is hungry again

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Baker, Warrior, or Saint

I hate to write in Numbers
Always counting
Finding clever ways to label
Each passing year
Today The Bakers Dozen
Seems Fitting enough.

Unseen Eternal battles
Being waged across the Universe
Fighting the Good fight
Our Warrior fights on
As days turn into Months
And Months yield to Years

Saint Michael’s Soldier
Guiding his flock
Protecting the rest of us
From Evil,
From Our own Darkness
Offering Safe passage to the Light

Baker, Warrior, or Saint
Your spirit burns
Through us
Connected and Still Alive.
We All still Live for You
Tonight, and Forever

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Moving Day

You packed your bags.

I packed my own.

I told you to leave them behind.

We didn’t need anything but each other.

Instead you kept packing.

And packing.

And packing.

Your bags were tagged and ready to go.

But they were too heavy for me to lift.

As I pull away from the gate

I can read your tags

Liar, Cheater, and Thief they read.

Until you can leave them behind

You will never escape this airport of despair.

Traveling light, is the only way to fly.

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Turning Black

I would have died for you.

Now I will have to live in spite of you.

All I ever needed from you

was for you to feel sorry for your actions.

That was too much for you.

Your skewed pride won’t let you admit it to yourself

That you made the wrong choice

and now will have to live


How can it be easier to hate than to love?

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Emotional Vampire

You suck.

And Suck.

Until there’s nothing left.

Limp and lifeless

My body crumbles to the cold ground

on this NY winter morning

Myself, black on the  inside,

but you

You are a lightless vacuum

Empty, Emotionless, Cold, and Hateful

Those who think it’s better to

have loved and lost

Haven’t experienced your hate

which you mislabeled love

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Years and Tears by the Dozen

12 years is a lifetime for many
but only a moment
for the Lost, left behind

Today’s unusual cold summer rain
God’s tears, with a purpose
to cleanse our Souls.

Wash away the sadness
of a dozen years
with a warm haze of memories

Time battles to suffocate the pain
surrounding it with positive thoughts
of almost forgotten days

Scattered, flashes of the past
tethered through the Spirit
that lives within us

Connecting us all together
a cosmic, eternal lasso
binding us to you.

For you, my Brother, I continue
To Live, Laugh, and Love.
Everyday is my memorial to you.

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3 Days

Yeah, 3 days maybe more
3 days, and I will knock on heaven’s door
3 days, my vision will darken
3 days, death’s call will hearken
A wearied soul must wait
for its healthy body to cooperate
Prayers to God and pleas to heaven
Unheard! Ignored? Forgotten?
I will take my case to God
And hope he tells me I am not so rotten
I lived my life the way I thought I should
Made tragic mistakes; outrun them I thought I could
He gave me life, it is not mine to take away
I will give Him 3 days to have his say


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cursing constellations

two a.m.,
the chill in the air
circles like a nightmare.
sitting on the roof,
i’m waiting for a star to shoot
in hopes of a better way out.
the night sky
is as ugly and empty
as i am, a warm tear
drys windblown
because i know
you deserved more.

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Last night Mike rode in on a meteor

Tuesday, August 13th, 2002
2:42 am Last night Mike rode in on a meteor. I seen him as the sky lit up, lighting the match of our last joint together. It’s silly to explain the feeling I have about Mike when I know he’s with me. It’s not a feeling like God is with you, that at all times around type of thing. It’s a feeling that when I close my eyes I’d be passing to the left, where he’d be if I just reach over. A feeling that his presence is Meant to be known. Letting me know that the thoughts in my head is really the dialog we’d be having in person- but it is his.

Tonight I sat on my roof staring Northwest waiting for the next shooting star. The flash is orange fire, through the sky, dying to get TO the Earth. It’s a contest I’d imagine, of which ones can survive the atmosphere. Only the toughest outlast and touchdown on the Earths soil most that make it only are lost to the ocean. . Who knows where that Extra Terrestrial visitor started off, and how old he is. I’ve been in awe of the Redwoods of California thinking of all the life they’ve seen, sightless, it’s a number I can understand enough to respect. The equation to figure out the meteors age alludes the bounds of what my mind can distinguish in time. At 100,000 years or 1 million or 1 billion it really all means the same to me. Where that little chunk of rock fits in a time line of my 5th grade science project, I’m not sure.

When you catch a shooting star- and yes the word is “catch”, it’s a gift. It connects itself to the viewer, usually one in a group of people, that shouts skyward, ‘Did you guys see that!’ Its fire creates a karmic bond with the lucky viewer, and by way of the viewers soul gives them a piece of energy that it brought to Earth with them. Some call this the part where you get your wish. But I know it as something different. As that energy fills your spirit, it’s not a wish exactly. It’s an understanding, a greater sense to oneself in the universe. For a second it all makes sense.

The year after Mike passed I made good on my promise to make it across the country. As I am not one for arguing with the supernatural, I found myself in the desert of Arizona during the same Meteor show as tonight. The sky there looks like a planetarium without the big star wars machine in the middle. The sky is black and there must be 20 stars for every one we can see here, because there’s no ground lighting like the NY bluish night sky has. Arizona’s sky was lit up with thousands of stars that night, the weather was beautiful and a coyote howled yards away from us for effect. There was a shooting star every minute or so. It’s places of Power mixed with incidents like this that fills me with energy. Makes me admit I’m an extension of the Earth which is alive all around us. I’ve felt the touch of this natural energy in many places, like San Diego, Baja Mexico, Niagara Falls, Virginia Beach, and there, in the under the desert’s meteor strewn sky that night. Each of those places have more than their location that makes them an energy antenna. Times and occurrence play a big factor. But each of those stories is for another day.
On an occasion where you share a sighting I think it’s important not to only wish something, but to give a karmic nod to the other knowing you’re sharing that meteors energy together.
As I watched the orange streak of fire through the night my amber ember of a remaining joint I brought for the two of us, quickly lights then fades. The two lights at the same moment talking to me in a cosmic language that let me know- Mike is next to me waving his hand and throwing a star through the sky for me. His way of joining me on the rooftop tonight.

Six years is a meteor flash, and the time it takes for a tear to fall from my eye to the ground.
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Pega-Pat the Constellation Shaped like a Panda Bear

(How about a little scansion diminishing meter? line two is hendecasyllabic )

The Days of our childhood fade into random memories
A black and white film in my mind plays frames of
Bowling, snow ball fights, and hopping fences

That movie plays in my thoughts and dreams
Over and over again, with a trembling smile
That disguises the deeper sadness inside
Is that you tapping me on my shoulder?
Like Hermes the winged messenger
Whispering that it’s ok for you now
Are you traveling the cosmos?
Exploring, Seeing, Moving
Freely amongst the stars
When we meet again
We’ll sign the book
Together this time
I can feel you now
Watching us
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Midnight Tripps through the Dark

The night invades the mind
With darkness and silence
Leaving a body alone to ponder
The path taken, leading to this moment.
This road is scattered with milestones
With the darkness for camouflage
Hiding the truth,
That most of them are headstones
Each has their own story
That the darkness whispers
Forgotten tales of lives or loves
Moments that will never live again
But even without life
The darkness acts like a movie screen
Memories become silent movies
Reruns of the best and worst episodes of our lives.
Forever. My biggest fear
The darkness. It surrounds me
And now I’ve learned to live in it
My only comfort.

for jt

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2920 Windows

On August 11, 1996 I lost one of my best friends. He touched me and the world in more than a million ways.
Only the Good Die Young. Everyday of my LIFE
I wonder where he is and what he is discovering. I hope that when I finally pass that threshold into heaven it is he who is waiting with open arms for me. I know you are smiling down on us, but I wish you were smiling next to us.
So Where Ever You Are MY Friend, We miss you dearly, and not a day goes by without a memory of you passing through my thoughts.

2920 Windows
A Dark hallway with no walls
On each side that isn’t there
Hang rows of windows, Floating
All with a view
Each unique all though familiar
Showing scenes of happiness, sadness, joy and pain
Only one window stays open
Until the next one is hung.
Window number 2 and Window 2920
And all spanning between
Have one common trait
That’s been missing since the first was hung
Missing the laughter, the thoughts
Missing the happiness and sadness, together
Missing the light that the first window brings
That keeps this hallway dimly lit
Sadness washes over me
Each time I visit the first window
To catch up on a thought
Or just a feeling not often remembered
Calling out to you- I hoped you’d hear me
Pleading for you to please come inside-
But alas my words are only muffled by the cold window pane
That’s has been closed since it was hung.
I don’t like to visit the second
A portrait of pain
It’s the darkest in the hallway
With coldness that touches the soul
I hope that when this job has come to a close
And I hang my last window
That I’m giving the choice
Which window I would like to go through on my exit
2920 windows and counting
the hallway grows
but until the job is done
each window is closed as the next is hung

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